Some details about the Tuk Tuk


Usually the first question is about the space inside a Tuk Tuk. Although they are very compact in size, you can still take some luggage with you. I travelled with my family (Two adults and two kids of 7 and 4 years) and we had enough space for our luggage. We put 2 big backpacks of 50-60 litres and a smaller one behind the passenger seat. Additional hand luggage pieces can be put in the legroom. Four passengers is also what officially is allowed to have in a Tuk Tuk.

You can roll down "curtains" on the side, so in case of rain you and your luggage are protected from water and wind.


The Tuk Tuk is a perfect vehicle. It's robust and so simple - and even if you have any problem, there's help around every corner! On my journey I had a problem with the parking light. It turned out to be a short circuit in a cable and was solved within 10 minutes in a small garage in a village. The repair work was incredibly cheap, I paid a bit more than 1 USD...

The only thing you have to care about: Get fuel soon enough and check the oil every few days.